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My Approach

My name is Adela, I am the founder of Blue Mimi. As a busy professional, I realized that career and routine personal activities were encroaching on my ability to spend time with loved ones and relaxing or enjoy activities in life. With this in mind, I have developed a solution to alleviate this problem for other individuals currently afflicted by ‘too many responsibilities, and not enough time’. Blue Mimi was created with the intention of reducing the time spent on routine and time-consuming activities by parents, professionals, elderly, and businesses within the community.

Who I Am

“This World Would Be Nothing Without You”

– Mia Sejdic


I was born in the mid-1980s in the former Yugoslavia and had to learn in my earliest childhood that life brings changes that nobody expects.

Due to the war, my family emigrated to Germany, where I spent my childhood and early youth. I quickly settled into German society and was forever shaped by these experiences. German virtues such as commitment, accuracy and punctuality still define my character today.

As a teenager, I came to the USA and for the third time in my young life, I had to completely adapt to new circumstances and find my way. I recognized her chances and my hunger to develop myself and my abilities grew.

I do not see myself as an opportunist, but I have a clear vision of myself and the feeling that drives me when I look at my life, career, family and successes.

I am willing to constantly develop myself and fight for what is important to me in life.

My Inner Drive

Looking at my life, I have always been a family oriented person with a desire to help everyone I care about and make their lives easier. At the same time, I have never given up my own ambitions and have gone my own way.

When I became a mom, priorities changed for me and suddenly I was not only indirectly, but directly responsible for another life. Every decision I made from that point on would have a direct impact on my daughter’s life. With the birth of my son, this responsibility was doubled.
Balancing family, commitments, career and everyday life became a challenge – and who doesn’t know the guilt of not living up to one aspect of life.

And that’s where my inner drive comes from – I want to provide my family with all the love, attention, safety and comfort while achieving my own personal goals. I want to be a role model for other women and encourage them to take responsibility for themselves and others and pursue their own dreams.

With Blue Mimi Concierge Service, I enable other people to focus on exactly what is close to their hearts without anything else falling short.

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