Welcome To My World


My name is Adela, I am the founder of Blue Mimi. As a busy professional, I realized that career and routine personal activities were encroaching on my ability to spend time with loved ones and relaxing or enjoy activities in life. With this in mind, I have developed a solution to alleviate this problem for other individuals currently afflicted by ‘too many responsibilities, and not enough time’. Blue Mimi was created with the intention of reducing the time spent on routine and time-consuming activities by parents, professionals, elderly, and businesses within the community.

My Vision

My purpose is to become the preferred and most trusted  personal concierge for individuals and businesses seeking services and solutions that are intentionally designed to positively impact how they experience life.

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Lifestyle Managers

Our dedicated team of lifestyle managers are on hand 24/7/365 to enhance and manage every aspect of our members’ lives. From planning their dream holiday or a special event, to running daily errands, completing personal and business projects, manage home renovations, helping expecting parents prepare for their bundle of joy, finding their forever home and keeping it safe while they are away.

Our team is committed to helping you balance life’s demands by making your “to do” list our top priority. 

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